Church Family

If you listened to Pastor's Scott's message today plus the announcements, you know he mentioned our deep water well and tower project for the Liberian Christian Assembly. I have attached a photo of the water tower we plan to build.

I set up a GoFundMe Campaign. The goal is to raise $1,200.00. I asked for  100 Christians to donate $12 per person. We want to offer you the opportunity to help us provide drinkable water to the church and the nearby village. So far we have raised $406.00.

If you would like to participate, you can find the campaign on my Facebook page or you can Google or search for Ronald Q. Williams: Build Water Well Tower in Liberia-gofundme.

Beams Bibles graciously printed bibles for distribution to our missions in Liberia. I have also attached a photo of the pallet of 1008 Bibles. They are being shipped by Beams from Gulfport, MS. to Croydon, PA. at the direction of Brother Wleh. YRC Worldwide freight has them on a trailer ready for delivery, according to their website.

Our next step is to coordinate with Bro Del on the shipment to Liberia. Given our present crisis, this may take some time, but we will keep you posted.

Thank you and God bless you for supporting the Liberian mission (Philippians 2:4).

Brother Ron Williams

Bannister Road Baptist Church