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In the metro area's ongoing effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus, residents of Kansas City and Jackson County in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas will all be ordered to stay at home beginning on Tuesday, March 24, according to an announcement made by county leaders late Saturday afternoon.
The order from each jurisdiction is expected to remain in effect for 30 days, until Friday, April 24. Officials from all four entities planned to announce additional information at a news conference scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas had already issued a state of emergency prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people. On Saturday afternoon, he extended that order, telling people to stay at home except "to perform 'essential activities.'" "We are asking our entire community to unite to prevent the spread of this virus and appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this time," Lucas said in a statement. The order defined essential activities as "tasks essential to (people's) health and safety, or to the health and safety of their family or household members or close personal acquaintances." Examples of such activities included buying food, medical supplies, or materials to work from home, as well as visiting health care professionals.


On this past Tuesday, March 18th the pastor and leaders of BRBC family had announced that we would be suspending all church services and related ministries until April 12th, Easter Sunday. The new requirements from the city will require that we now alter that date. Effective immediately, this suspension of church services and ministries will continue unto an indefinite time. When the climate of our changing dynamics is known, then an announcement will be made with as much advance notice to the entire church as possible.

Due to the need for caution during this time, the ways of past abilities to minister to the church body will also change. For example, wedding, funerals, repast, hospital, counseling sessions, as well as home visits will change. Without getting bogged down with too many details for everyone, if you have needs in these or other areas please contact, your deacon or church staff.

Please consult the church website (BRBCKC.ORG) for messages and general information that you might need. Also, each week, go to the website for the weekly sermon and mid-week Bible study lesson. We will try to communicate with you as often as is necessary.

Pastor Scott

Bannister Road Baptist Church

To our Church Family,

We will have the Food Distribution Monday, May 16, 2022, from

1:30 - 2:30 PM. 

Gloves, masks, & water will be available.

Please arrive by 1:00 PM, if you can help with the setting up

Thank you for letting us know that you will be able to help & let

family and friends know they are welcome to come by!!

If you have not volunteered to help distribute the food, today would

be a good time to do so by contacting the church office at 


Pastor Scott