Bannister Road Baptist Church

A-Men Ministry – To promote and coordinate a continuation. Men’s Ministry that will foster fellowship and promote individual Christian growth by exalting Jesus Christ and equipping and evangelizing men.

​Adult Choir

Altar Workers 

Baptism/Lord’s Supper Ministry -Assist in preparation o:’candidate for Believer’s Baptism.
To prepare for the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.

Children’s Choir

Classic Seniors -To provide fellowship, social interaction , entertainment and activities that are both Christ-centered and church-centered. It also provides a balance of opportunity to engage seniors in education, mission outreach and ministry experience.

Couple’s Ministry

Greeters’ Ministry -As the church reaches out to persons not familiar with our church or worship, the ‘welcome’ is also a good way to in form visitors and members of programs, study opportunities, and church events.

Health Care Guild -To regularly engage members of our congregation and the community in activities that teaches prevention and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Library Assistant –
The purpose of our church library is to , provide the congregation with access to the best religious books        consistent with our theological beliefs, books that are regularly used and recommended by the leadership at BRBC, provide wholesome entertainment for our families and to provide a hand picked storehouse of resources for parents, our teachers, and other ministry leaders.

Lydia’s Room

Men’s Chorus

Men Ushers

Missionary Watch -To utilize different aspects in support ing our missionaries and their outreach to the world.

Multimedia Ministry- Manages BRBCKC's web and social media presents on the internet.

Music Ministry -Glorify God by sharing through music, t b.e Good News of God’s unconditional love as revealed through Jesus Christ.

Nursery -Provide a comfortable environment so that each child may feel happy and loved. Provide a Bible learning time during service. ,\.ll curriculum and methods are designed to be age appropriate.

Security Committee

Soundboard -The sound team operates the sound equipment for the Sunday services and other events in the church sanctuary.

Source of Light -Based on God’s infallible Word, Source of Light’s basic Bible courses have been used to lead many thousands of people  [😮]  trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. Many more have grown spiritua lly through studying these progressive Bible courses.

Special Events -As the church reaches out to persons not familiar with our church or worship, the ‘welcome’ is also a good way to inform viitors and members of programs, study opportunities and church events.

Sunday School Teachers -To provide a quality Bible education for you and your family. You will receive a thorough knowledge of the Bil: le that will help you meet the challenges of this world we live in. The stronges t influence you can have on the members of your Sunday School class is for you to be experiencing the transforming power of Christ yourself.

Vacation Bible School

Vessels of Honor -To make our sanctuary a more pleasan t place to worship. Provide flowers, plants, and other decorative items for the beautification of the church building, especially the sanctuary.

Visitation/Soul Winning -We believe each Christian is re 1uired by God to be a soul winner. To assist our members in being the witness t 1at God has commanded.

Wednesday Night Bible Clubs

Women’s Ministry – To enable the women, of all ages, to establish priorities by directing our capabilities, gifts and talents to be used of God for evangelism, edification, and exhortation in the various ministries of Ba nnister Road Baptist Church.

Women Ushers

Yard Beautification – Improve the value and ambiance of nur property with flowers, plants, benches, and more.

Youth Choir

Youth Ministry -The main focus is service. The reason has a three-fold goal: reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ; To grow in th e grace of the Lord; To serve in a local church.