Bannister Road Baptist Church

A-Men Ministry – This ministry fosters fellowship and promote individual Christian growth by exalting Jesus Christ and equipping and evangelizing men.

​Adult Choir – A ministry to exalt the Lord through music.

Altar Workers – A ministry that carefully counsels and give guidance to any believer or last person who responds to the message during the time of church service. 

Baptism Ministry -A ministry that assist in preparing candidates for believer’s baptism.

Lord Supper Ministry – A ministry to attends to the physical and spiritual preparations of the church to observe the Lord’s supper. To prepare for the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.

Children’s Choir – A ministry that works with children to equip them to sing unto the Lord.

Classic Seniors -A ministry that provides fellowship, social interaction , entertainment and activities that are both Christ-centered and church-centered. 

Couple’s Ministry – A ministry that works to strengthen our married couples in the church

Greeters’ Ministry -A ministry that reaches out to persons not familiar with our church or worship, the ‘welcome’ is also a good way to inform visitors and members of programs, study opportunities, and church events.

Health Care Guild -A ministry that engages members of our congregation and the community in activities that teaches prevention and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Library Assistant – A ministry that provides the congregation with access to the best religious books consistent with our theological beliefs. 

Lydia’s Room – A ministry that provides clothing for local use as well as clothing frequently supplied to missionary needs. 

Men’s Chorus – A ministry of music by an all-male group. 

Men and Women Ushers – A ministry that provides guidance for seating, classroom location, and other necessary information

Multimedia Ministry- This ministry creates and manages BRBCKC's web and social media presentations on the internet.

Nursery – A ministry that provides a safe and comfortable environment for children during church events. Lessons and songs are taught to the children during service time.

Technical Support -A ministry that make possible the sound for The sound team operates the sound equipment for the Sunday services and other events in the church sanctuary.

Source of Light – A ministry that guides members through a progressive and systematic study of the Bible through correspondence.

Special Events -A ministry that plans and carries out events, such as church anniversaries, mother’s/father’s day events that are church sponsored. 

Sunday School Teachers -This ministry provides Bible teach designed to grow the church from the babies to the seniors. This ministry complements the part of the “great commission” that requires the church to “teach them all things whatsoever I have commanded you”.

Vacation Bible School – This ministry plans and carries our various programs designed to help our youth grow spiritually during the summer season.

Vessels of Honor -This ministry provides flowers, plants, and other decorative items for the beautification of the church building, especially the sanctuary.

Visitation/Soul Winning -We believe each Christian is re 1uired by God to be a soul winner. To assist our members in being the witness t 1at God has commanded.

Women’s Ministry – This ministry enables the women, of all ages, to establish priorities by directing our capabilities, gifts and talents to be used of God for evangelism, edification, and exhortation in the various ministries of Bannister Road Baptist Church.

Yard Beautification – The ministry of appearance and ambiance of our property with flowers, plants, and more.

Youth Choir – A ministry of music fulfilled by the youth or our church singing praises unto their Lord.

Youth Ministry -The ministry is directed at reaching the youth with the gospel and leading them to live for and serve in the Lord in and away from the church.